A Pre Photoshoot Property Preparation Checklist

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At Square Feet Photography & Floor Plans, we understand that most people are not aware of what goes into a successful property photoshoot. This can prevent them from capturing stunning pictures and showcasing the real value of their property.

To help you understand what is required to take captivating real estate pictures for marketing, we have created a pre photoshoot property preparation checklist. Following this checklist will help you prepare appropriately, reduce your stress, and challenges. Moreover, it will help your photographer take beautiful pictures of your house, which will allow you to attract more buyers for your property.

Without much ado, here is our property preparation checklist!

 Test all interior and exterior lights to make sure they work.

 Touch up your walls with paint, fill any holes or scratches in them. Identify and fix any other visible damages that require fixing.

 Declutter and remove excess furniture, toys, and family items from the property to create a neutral environment.

 Clean the house thoroughly to make sure it looks inviting. Vacuum, dust, and wash the floors, windows, and mirrors.

 In the kitchen, take the time to:

Remove all artwork, pictures, and magnets from the fridge.

Clear the countertops, remove the coffee maker, toaster, cutting boards, drying rack, and salt and pepper shakers.

Empty the garbage cans and move them to the garage or storage room if possible.

Stainless steel appliances should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any fingerprints and 
       smears as the camera will pick these up.

 In the bathrooms, make sure that you:

Completely clear all the countertops along with the tub and shower area of any personal items
       and toiletries.       

Thoroughly clean the mirrors, tub, floor, counters, and handles.

Empty the garbage bin and hide it along with the toilet brush and plunger.

Hang fresh, neat towels.

 In the bedrooms, remember to:

Make the beds and tidy the room. Don’t forget to dust the whole room thoroughly.

Declutter the room so that you have clear access into the walk-in closet.

Put all clothing, toys, and valuables away to create neutral settings.

Clear the bedside tables so that they are free of clutter.

Remove any personal or family photos if there are any up.

 If you have pets try your best to:

Make sure all pet toys, beds, etc., are put out of sight.

Clean the backyard of any animal toys or waste.

Your pets should be out of the house during the photoshoot or kept out of the photographer’s
       way, so they don’t appear in the images.

All the furniture should be free of pet hair.

 The exteriors of your home should be maintained by:

Mowing the lawn and manicuring the gardens.

Removing any toys, yard clutter, and gardening tools from view.

Cleaning the patio furniture and setting it up to look inviting.

Clearing garbage and recycling bins.

Decluttering all front exteriors.

Removing all vehicles from the driveway.

Clearing the sidewalk, driveway, front and back steps of ice and snow during the winter.

 During the photo shoot, make sure that you:

Are ready for the shoot.

Have all the lights turned on in the house.

Have all the blinds open.

Finish up the staging process on the previous day as the photographer will not assist with it,
      they will not wait for you to “Stage As You Go, neither will they help move any furniture.

If you have any concerns about preparing your home for a property photoshoot, reach out to Square Feet Photography & Floor Plans. We are experts in real estate photography and floor planning in Edmonton. Our team of talented photographers help in marketing real estate properties by offering a range of services including, property photography, Matterport 3D showcase, iGuide 3D Virtual Tours drone and videography, and virtual staging. We have over 9 years of experience, and we strive to serve the needs of our clients efficiently. Moreover, we operate across Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain.

To learn more about our services, please click here. Have a question? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here

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